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              ADCC-enhanced Antibody Platform

              Our ADCC-enhanced antibody platform is one of the leading platforms in the world to enhance NK-cell function through antibody glycosylation modification. It is also the only domestically-developed and clinically-validated antibody glycosylation modification platform with GMP manufacturability in China. We are developing three clinical-stage antibody drug candidates using this platform, including MIL62, MIL93 and MBS301.

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              Multi-specific Antibody Platform

              The distinctive features of our multi-specific antibody platform are biology function driven and structurally designed with enhanced flexibility and efficiency. The platform enables us to construct multi-specific antibodies quickly which facilitates the efficient production of multi-specific antibodies. Our multi-specific antibody platform enables us to develop antibodies simultaneously binding to different targets to achieve synergistic therapeutic functions. The major types of multi-specific antibody structure we are developing are set forth as below.

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              Antibody Discovery and Optimization Platform

              We have developed a proprietary antibody discovery and optimization platform that screens for antibodies with strong agonist activities, characterizes antibodies with enhanced binding affinity and stability, constructs antibodies specifically activated in the tumor environment, and design multi-specific antibodies with enhanced scFv stability.

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